Saturday Night

It began as a well planned evening, everything was going to plan. Myself and Mr Wood found ourselves in Nottingham awaiting the arrival of a Mr Thornhill. In a style that is becoming a bit to regular he let us down again. Still even without him it was an enjoyable evening. Once again I failed to pull although Mr Wood acquired a reasonable female (Lucky Bastard :evil:). So I shook my maracas (they were handing them out in Ocean) and got on with getting drunk and enjoying the night. We ended up in a small kebab shop near the bus stop and ordered some pizzas. The prompt arrival of the bus meant these had to be left behind. Good job we didnt pay in advance. Sat at the back of the bus I had the legs of a female across my lap. There she was sprawled across the back giggling and trying not to slip off the seat. All in all it wasn’t a bad night. Might have to go out more often.