Quite A Lengthy Day

Today was Stock Take at Somerfield. I had to do 3 hours extra as my contribution. Instead of working friday night I extended my day from 10 to 14 hrs. I was there when the store opened and there when it closed. I had much eventfulness in my day.

It began at just after 6 when I was nearly killed twice. During the loading of rubbish cages onto the lorry one of the cages slipped backwards off the badly designed hydraulic lift. I was seen to dash backwards out of the way as it clattered to the floor. My second near death experience was with another cage full with heavy card bails. That nearly hit me on its rapid decent too.

I spent a considerable ammount of time counting stock in the warehouses. Before my lunch I was lucky enough to spend an hour in the backup freezer (20 degrees below) in just a t-shirt. The rest of my day was just routine tasks in a warmer environment.

According to Heather I am gullible as I just accept the tasks I am given even though they are the less desirable ones. I dont think she was too impressed with the frozen rosebud i gave her which I found between some bags of frozen peas. She also thinks I put too ,uch effort into work. Everybody is entitled to an opinion I suppose.

Then the store shut and I came home. What a day. I think I have a cold from being in the freezer 😥️

Hey hey! i loved the frozen rose, so shush. And my views about u being gullible are just concern that u are being taken for a ride. SORRY