Protect Your Computer

I get asked many times how best to defend a computer against the internet. Well todo you all a favor here is my recommended defence applications

ZONE ALARM (Firewall)-
AVG (Anti-Virus)-
AD-AWARE (Adware Remover) -
MATADOR - (Anti-Spam)-

That should keep your computer clean and running well. If there is enough demand for it I’ll recommend my apps for other areas of productivity ie Office, File Sharing etc

Gordon S Valentine
Do you know of any Anti-Spam software that works with Eudora? Or do I will have to pay for the new version with Anti-Spam build into it?
You could try a program called Mail Washer This is sepearate from your email client and will delete spam from the server without you having to download it first. I would recommend you consider Mozilla Thunderbird. Although still under development the built in spam filters are excellent. I use it for checking my spam account and it will filter 99.9% of spam. It's worth a look in any case. Spam filtering software is so varied though. You need to find something that works for you. If you have to filter some spam then the free programs will do. But you really get what you pay for. If a paid service has a good reputation and you can afford to use it then do. Try the freeware in anycase and see if it works for you.