Plans for 2004

Well folks its the end of another year. Its not been the best year for the site. I’ve let things slip a bit. The redesign hasnt progressed as fast as I would have liked and there are things I want to get back onto the site.

Hopefuly 2004 will bring more fun and enjoyment. Word Press which powers the site will be releasing a 1.0 version in early January. This is where the fun can begin. With a stable final release I can being tweaking things without worrying about them changing too much in future versions.

To begin with a target for atleast one monthly update seems reasonable. Just for me to get things back in order. Eventually through the year I hope to move to weekly updates as a bare minimum. This should include my general comments, poll updates (when it reappears), some sort of competition and something else that you may find interesting/useful.

What would be helpful is input from you lot out there. Tell me what you like or don’t like. Tell me if you have seen a site/article you like. I want to incorporate as much as I can into this site. The more ideas on the table the more I can implement.

I hope everybody enjoys the New Years celebrations, lets get 2004 started the right way.