I went out down Notts last night. It was nice to see Heather. It’s just a shame I find it hard to talk to her in person. I want to get a noce pic of her before i go away. There is something about that girl that makes me happy and gives me a feeling of completeness.

I danced my ass off in the works. It’s a pity i didnt get anywhere near the stunning girl on the dance floor :(.
There were about 2 girls the perect height for me. Neither would give me the time of day. Well I enjoyed myself anyway. I’m no fun to hang out with but I enjoy myself from time to time.

Much respect goes to the chaps in the toilets at the works. Usually they charge £1 for a spray of some aftershave. I managed to get a free spraying. Although it wasnt enough to get the ladies it was a confidence booster.

Sod the world. Stuff the women. Shoot me now whilst I’m on a high. I dont want to go though the high/low emotions. Just send me out on a high and I’ll be happy.

This fucked up mind has been brough to you by Tunk productions. T-Shirts available at the kiosk.😀️

Ermm... You could have a photo, but... Im not so sure lol
how can you not be sure??