No Mike

Well today I told deputy manager Andy that I would soon be on merry way. Just need to put it in writing now.

We had a visit from one the BIG BOSS MEN from high up in Somerfield. The team of staff although short on some members pulled together and we got the store looking spot on. I heard that the important dude was well impressed. Just shows what can be done in a week without Mike.

With some key staff on the verge of leaving to go on to other things one wonders how long this might last.

In other somerfield news, Johnny B let rip his opinions of mike to this important chap. Thats the blue touch paper lit, time to stand way way back and wait for the fireworks.

I feel a staff opinion survey comming on.

I’m sad to report that poor Mr Evans is missing his woman. This caused him to act rather perculiar. There was something uncomfortable about his advances towards me 😯️😕️❗️