New ThingsΒΆ

Interesting times are upon us. The B2 weblog system which is behind the posts/comments part of the site is being taken over by some new developers. This is the way forward to new features and content.

One of the main things I want to do with the site at the moment is find a better way for displaying images. This new B2 version, renamed WordPress, will make this easier.

I cant say exactly when I will perform an upgrade but I aim to test it first on my development site.

Other things in the pipe line are a few scripts I am developing. These will make up the currently titled Blade Project. I will explain more about Project Blade some other time.

I have been considering a new colour scheme for the site. Something a bit lighter. I plan to keep the existing scheme but allow people to choose between them.

Things will be moving slowly over the next few weeks due to exams but should pick up over the summer.

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