Moving Away From Microsoft

It has been many years since the last big browser war. Netscape was overtaken by Microsofts Internet Explorer. IE has served us well but has also lead to little development on the broswer front in terms of extra features. Other companies have arrived on the scene a developed their own web browsers. None however have been really able to dent Microsofts dominance. That is until now.

Mozilla (Integrated web browser and email client) was based on the old Netscape system and has been rewritten from the ground up. Mozilla, whilst a solution for browsing and email needs, is bloated and not much fun to work with. On the bright side though is the spin offs of this software. Mozilla Firebird is a standalone browser and although still under development is showing alot of promise. Mozilla Thunderbird is a standalone mail client. The mail client is what I am most excited about. The spam filters on it are excellent. I gave it a spam account to process and without any real input from me it detected and filtered out most of the spam.

These two products although not finalised yet are the way forward. Microsoft hasn’t done anything with IE or Outlook Express that makes me think “Thats a real improvement” or “Thats a cool new feature”. If this open source project is going the way I think its going Microsoft better be worried. I for one am willing to make the switch.

Check out the website for more details, just download and try it out for yourself. Best thing is, its all free 🙂️
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