More Useless Than Yimi

When you have a lecturer overseeing several group projects, you expect them to tell you when the deadline is. This is not the case in the Electronics Department at Nottingham Trent Uni. Everybody knew that the group report had to be in some time soon. We just didn’t realise it was today. Well I’m slightly pissed off by this😈️.

How can I plan to meet a deadline when I dont know when it is? I’ll tell you, I can’t. So Dr.D.Morley the report will be in next week and if you decide to knock marks off for it being late, I and everybody else are lodging a formal complaint. Next time I see you I’m gonna tell you where you can shove your digital USB interface. You failed to tell the other lecturers who were supervising the projects aswell. Just get yourself sorted for next time.