Monday Night

Twas a time for celebration, Andy P got another year older. Much merriment was to be had by all.

For the first time in what seemed like ages I ventured out without my now famous black jacket. The night was cool but not quite the uncomfortable coolness found in the Somerfield backup freezer. My enjoyment of the night was probably enhanced by the Turbo Shandy of Double Death with its mind altering Vodka content.

I finally managed to get round to buying a drink for Heather (actually it was 2). She was looking great as usual as well as Lisa in her see-through bra.

Another thing to catch my eye and that of a few others was the stripper hired by another group. That gal had one fine ass. Unfortunately the best bit of the show was hidden from view ☹️.

The increased Vodka level in my system had me in the mood for dancing, I was even showing off my groovy moves before Zanzibar (I hate to think what I look like). Zanzibar had much eventfulness myself and Andy went for a bit of Hardcore dance upstairs before he was recovered by Lisa using what look like a crude rugby tackle 8O.

Towards the end of the stay at this establishment Peck had to recover Andy from the grip of a couple of bouncers who were having their way with him in the toilets. I don’t even want to know what was going on their.

We finally ended up in Fabulous Chicken tucking into kebabs and other things that really aren’t good for you in excess. That was after Lisa decided to water a building, i think she was trying to make it grow.

Heres some visual proof of the evening

Andy & Lisa
Everybody – I don’t look my best in this one :oops:
Me, Andy & Peck
Lee Owen – He was wrecked
Haha Owen looks such a Twat SWEET
Lol not looking his best there :| ..but at least peck looks good ;)
Hahhahah has he had his head waxed??? and shes only after your money mate!
Well what can i say i had to water something i was dying for i had to much alcohol to remeber it exactly. Peck really what are you doing pointing your finger? Tunk you look gorgeous.
Andy P
I think Peck is waiting for a small child to fall from the ceiling and land on his finger.
Haha, Peck you fool! Tunk your looking good! What a night! I have to say if was a cracker! We had a laugh in the end! Lee eeeemmmmmmm........ looking happy! Oh god Tunk why the picture of me?? What you like! Thank you for my Vodka and Red Bull! Anyway see you soon Micheala xXx
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