Mistakes Corrected and Problems SolvedΒΆ

It was up earlier than usual for me this morning. The reason for this was my walking off with a set of keys from work after my Wednesday shift. So it was off to uni after dropping them off. Oddly enough I got an earlier bus. It turned up at 7 rather than 7:15. It allowed a record travel time of 25 mins from Ilkeston to Trent Uni.

This evening at 5pm I was greeted by the deputy manager from somerfield at the bottom of my drive. In he came for a hour whilst I tried to fix his PC. No thanks to another person, who shall remain nameless, the cleanup of the system had left the sound and modem without functionality. I noted missing drivers for the 3d accelerator too.

It has now been sorted and has regained its useful potential once again.

Its not been a bad day overall but there is plenty of time for that to change yet.