It Arrived

My PDA, a Palm Zire 71, arrived today. This made me very happy. However to use the MP3 capability I need my memory card to arrive. The nice monkeys at have managed not to order enough in to dispatch. This pissed me off, especially since the last time i tried to order from them they canceled the item I wanted. I am never ordering from there again.

My driving lesson went well, however it turned into a 1hr45 lesson rather than 2hrs as the instructor decided to finish early. Fool. I shall have to busy myself with the website he wants designing.

Work almost verged on being fun tonight. John explaining in detail how he fried his new CPU with an overclocking attempt. I couldn’t help but laugh. I don’t know how she managed it but Bec was even more lively tonight. My opinion is she needs to lay off the caffine, it’s obviously getting to her.

Apart from all that nothing much has occured today. I have just been existing on this plain of reality and tomorrow I suppose I will do the same.