Is This All I Am?

I look around me. Beer bottles, scraps of paper and electrical goods. Plenty of entertainment value there. So why am I sat here with nothing to do? I could play a computer game or work on my website but I don’t. Any other time if I had uni work to do I would be glad to do it. But I always put it off until the work was done. Which it rarely was. Is my life really based on trying to take my mind off things I don’t want to do. I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know where I am going.

Enough of my thoughts on that. Work today was as fun as could be expected. I hate it there. But I like it. It gets me near people. But has this been bad for me?

If I didn’t have a job I wouldn’t be around people. Then I would not miss the people, I would not worry about being alone as I wouldn’t know what I was missing.

I cheer up when people talk to me, but thats really the only time. I need my own space but I want to invite people in. I plan my life to much. I don’t live for the moment. I just look back on this missed oportunities.

What kind of existence do I lead?

I don’t trust anybody anymore. With the possible exception of Heather. They take advantage, push me to my limits and beyond. If this is the present the future looks grim. My pain and anguish are growing within. The time passes by, much of it being lost.

I don’t need anything from life, I don’t have much to give. It’s just that when it’s my time I want to go being remembered for something. No matter how small, even if it means something to only one person. But don’t remember me as I am now. A shell of a man. Tormented inside, confused and pathetic.

Tunk has lots of friends, Just not me.
Dont worry about it youth, fuck it... Lifes.. well life... sometimes its good, sometimes its great, more often than not its shit, why worry about it? Its gonna be what it is weather you worry about it or not...
Tunk has lots of friends, Just not me.
What the fuck was i saying last night? It almost made sense and counted as a thoughtful post :eek: I think you should dress up in a white robe, with a little white hood, and goto a petrol station with a jerry can, and see if they let you fill it up, then try and buy a box of matches, and asking the nice young black man behind the counter where the nearest garage/R&B/other nigga orientated club is. :) Can't touch this... Can't touch this... Hammer Time :D
Tunk, its the holidays, if you dont wanna do anything thats fine!! Its time to relax. If you want to make your mark in the world uve got to put the effort in! ...If you want people to respect you then dont let them walk all over you. Easy to say I know but just start with the little things like not taking on all the responsibility at work, just try to relax more and people will see your more sociable side. Thats what its all about, making people feel like they can talk to you... like a mate! Instead of a workaholic computer er 'guy' Uve just gotta have a more optimistic outlook on life, not as bad as you may think, take the other week, GILL! it didnt work out but its a positive experience.. right? so smile tunk, you'll feel a lot better!