Whilst browsing the BBC News I discovered the folowing statement.
“Immigrants can and do contribute an enormous amount to our society, both culturally and economically.”

Whilst I agree partially, its the cultural aspect I disagree with. We in Britain are loosing our culture as it is gradually eroded by immigrants. Sure they can have some influence, I for one enjoy an chineese or indian takeaway. What I dont like is the fact that we have to now respect the rules and opinions of thier culture. They don’t respect ours. If I went to thier country I would be expected to follow thier rules.

This is Britain, it is the home of the British. If you want to be a part of it follow our rules. Why should we have to build them places for prayer and worship? They wouldnt like it if we were to build an establishment to express our opinions. Even if it was in this country. We can’t be patriotic incase it offends them.

Well it offends me that I can’t express my culture in my own country. Let us get the flag flying again. So what if it offends the immigrants. They wanted to come here, if they don’t like it they can go home. I’m not going to move over for somebody who wouldnt move over for me.

Hmm... and?