I’m Not Dead

Some of you have been wondering wether my lack of posts were down to me being dead. This, i’m sorry to say is not true.

My lack of posting has been mainly down to the weather. Its been too hot and I don’t function well as a result.

I finished with Gill on sat night. We were to different in too many ways, plus her hairy top lip was rather off putting too. Odd how you dont notice these things whilst drunk. Not heard from her since.

Apart from a few hours extra at work I havent been doing much.

Today finished with a plesant evening with Lisa. I’m sorry Andy, but i can satisfy her in someways that you can’t. Mainly in the computer tech support area. There she was rolling about on my bed. She wouldnt roll around with me on it though, :(. I got some great action shots of her. I would put them online but i would fear for my life if i did.

I will get my fat ass in gear once again and drag this site back to the top where it belongs.

Don’t get sunburn people, or you will look like Lobster Boy Lee Owen.

Tunk has lots of friends, Just not me.
You're a very sick sick sick young man.