“I’ll tell you where you can shove it!”

It started out like any Saturday, 5am. Nothing odd about that. It was the usual routine for the first few hours. Then it was decided that some tidying was required outside the store. Nothing odd about that I thought, just picking up some bits of card, move some empty cages about and a quick sweep. How wrong I was. Kitted out with some rubber gloves a brush and metal dustpan I was herded towards the bushes around the store. My Nemesis awaited, thorny bushes, rotting matter and bags of things which were not describable. After filling a huge green bin to the brim i was finally done. I proceeded back inside and gave the manager a look which would have killed him could they do so. I was none to pleased after my experience.

That day was not a good day.

Delta Nova rating: 3/10 Bloody Rubbish