I Have Gone Insane

I have begun to suffer weird dreams in the past few days. What I mean to say is that they have gone from being sick and twisted or pornographic in nature, to unexplainable weirdness. I’m not sure what to read into them yet but paddeling out of a first floor window when the world flooded due to the bath overflowing can’t be good. The second instance of my insanity was a 4 way conversation with myself about technical support for a Hitachi product that doesn’t exist and wondering why I know nothing about it. I am always amazed at what the mind can come up with when left to think for itself. My mind needs to be locked up in a lead lined room surrounded by a mile of concrete on the hopes that its thoughts don’t escape and corrupt the population.

shut up talkin poo
If your going to pretend that you are me then use a capital Q. Also remember that i can check your ip and know you are using an NTL server in nottingham.