I Hate That Place

I don’t know why I agreed to work today but I did. No sooner had I got there Andy H (Deputy Manager) was on my back about not working hard enough. I felt like turning round and saying “I am here cos you asked me to be, if your not happy with my work then its your fault, live with it” but i didn’t. After Bread/Dairy and freezers it was time to advise on the computer problems buggin’ the staff. Firstly it was the ancient EPOS system I suspect to be running either a custom OS, syncom or Unix. Whatever the OS it wasnt responding properly. You know its usual operators are not trained when they dont know how to enter the ‘*’ sign using the shift + 8 keys. That done i was needed again to show Andy H how to shade in a cell in Excel. You see how little computer skills you need to get by in a supermarket management position. The grim day was lightened by Hollie being around. Although she hasnt been speaking to me online of late its still nice to speak to females and get a response from general conversation.

When it came to bring the trollies in it was the security guard who proved best at fiddling the trolly locks with the key off of a corned beef tin. Somehow I dont trust these ‘Security’ people. I managed to set the alarm off when i broke the beam of the PIR (Passive Infra-Red) detector on the main door of the store (Silly me, lol). Only 6hrs on wednesday to look forward to now. Lucky me.

Tunk ive said this before and i'll say it again. U take ur job at somerfield too seriously. You run around franticly every shift to get as much done as possible. And for what? To gain approval from Mike? Wow thats worth a lot.. not. All it means is that you do a hell of a lot more work than everyone else. Take peck (not literally), he hardly does any work sometimes but hes still getting paid the same amount as you. So i ask you, WHY BOTHER? unless your hoping for a career at somerfield its not worth the effort, stop letting people walk all over you and then you might gain the respect that you long for so much. :)
I know what you mean, i do get trampled into the somerfield floor on a regular basis. Its in my nature to work hard to achieve goals and this causes me to rush about at times. I dont like being told that people are dissapointed in me when i havent achieved what they expected me to. I do get asked to do many things but it makes it less boring. If the people at somerfield dont respect me for what I do at the moment then they never will and is that such a great loss.