I Dislike You Intensely

Today began as a troubling one in which I had to walk down to the bus stop whilst half asleep. I remained half asleep for the next few hours whilst my body got to work on processing breakfast. I reached a state of full awakeness half way though a boring lecture. A lecture from my nemesis Richard Germon.

He was attempting to demo a simulation on Matlab on his laptop. A lack of success shrouded the room, although not cursing and swearing he was obviously incompetent at using this software. :idea: I remember how when I was having trouble setting up my project demo he just walked off and couldn’t be bothered to wait. Yet I had to sit though this.

It gets worse. Today, he said, was the last chance to demo the project. So after the seminar session (which had overrun from the continued failings of another matlab demo) I said we would be ready to demo in a few mins after a brief setup time. He said he was going for his lunch first. Not a problem, gives us time to set up. 45 mins later after sitting around waiting for him it was time for the next lecture. I was seriously pissed off by this point (mainly due to lack of my lunch and being messed about by this idiot). So we packed it all away and cleared off to yet another pointless Project Management Lecture. I couldn’t be bothered to wait around for an hour for the seminar where we could play around with excel (like i need to be told how to use it), so i came home.

Look tunky babe you know your rite so F him or them. lovz ya lisa xxxxx
I know I'm right and thats the way its staying.