I Am The Bargain Hunter

Great news everybody!!! Well not that great but not that bad either. I have just placed an order for a powersupply for my new pc. Wow!!!, I know its not quite what your thinking but stay with me on this one. After shopping about a week ago I found it available from an online store at the maximum saving of £8.24 after delivery. So you can guess that i was going to order from here anyway.

I went back today however to place my order. The psu was out of stock for 21 days. Not a bad thing in itself as i can wait for it. The best part is that the price has been slashed and because its delayed i get a 20% reduction in delivery charge (plus i went for the cheapest delivery option too). Big deal, it will save you a few quid you are thinking. Well yes, it does save me a few quid. In fact my total saving after delivery will be £14.65. I don’t think that’s too bad, do you?

It pays to shop around and get the bargains.
I get my inspiration from this chap David Dickinson and Bargain Hunt