How Dare You Tell Me When To Eat!!

In a day that started out bad it soon got worse. The Friday night BBQ left me feeling shattered. The task this Saturday was to sort out the warehouse. Not a bad task in itself but neither me or gaz counted on the Mike factor.

Managers should sit in the office and manage not try to coordinate some complex logistical task involving stock cages. Every 5 mins he would come in and move something. John was also moving things about and causing chaos, but then John always has his own plan and you can’t tell him what to do.

Mike (now fitted with staff tracking radar) would follow each member of staff returning a cage snatch it and force it back into the warehouse. If radar for people is this good then the Jets in Iraq must be able to see quite a bit.

What really took the biscuit today was mike insisting that I go on my dinner early. This caused me to miss out on speaking to Hollie as I sometimes do if i’m not too shy. Mike also decided to sit with me whilst I was on my dinner. Oddly enough I don’t find him or his humor funny. But I laughed anyway, it was a way to occupy my mind.

He had the nerve to ask me to stay longer, So as you may guess, I was out of there spot on 4.

What a day.