How Can She Say That To Me!?!?!?!?

I decided to have a play around with the printer settings and try and get some better photo quality out of it. It was a sucess. Tweaking it I got an excellent photo taken at 4 megapixels to print out at the same size as a normal photo. I then printed another pic out to compare with one done previously. It came out slightly better but as it was taken in 640x480 it wasnt much of an improvement. I decided to show my sister who uses the printer alot for photo prints. I got moaned at for using 2 sheets of photo paper. I wouldn’t mind but she didnt pay for it. If anything it was worth those sheets of paper to have better settings for future printing. She is very closed minded and cant see the bigger picture.

Is this the case for all women or just my sister?
Paul, Ant, any thoughts on this??
Well Matthew, could I suggest some kind of punishment for her involving rope and a lamp post? And I meant hanging her, before anyone gets any idea's :roll:
Thats a lame punishment. Your not on form today.
I've been known to be on form?!! You learn something new about a person every day
Tunk has lots of friends
I'm just wondering why you needed to tweak your printer, to get a photo took at 4megapixels, to look like a normal photo. Mine, which is only about 2megapixels could have a photo quality picture, easily on a full size of A4 - and no doubt much bigger. Anyway, how olds this sister of yours? and if she, preferably, adopted / shares no similiarities with you? (No Offence tunky ;) )
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