Happy Bunny

Just a few hours ago a light shone into my life which I thought would be eclipsed forever. Yes folks that’s right, I finally got chatting to Hollie from work on msn messenger 😀️. The day could not have ended on a higher note. It seems that the reason she had not been able to chat sooner is that she had me blocked. I know its hard to believe, me being blocked. She quickly thrust an excuse my way, she didn’t know it was me. Well that’s good enough for me. I don’t even know who i am half the time. Then for some odd reason 😕️ she departed as quickly as she had arrived, no so long or good bye. 😮️ I connection time out i hoped 😀️ but no 😥️. She was gone.

A void was left. :-|

Hey! do you live in Nottingham???? This girl Hollie sounds a lot like my friend Joes girlfriend.... I think that you should go and find joe and kill him. He is very weak in the upper body area and hits like Muse. I also think you should get over Hollie, I know we did. Good luck with it all, Ashley
I live near the nottingham area. I dont know about killing this person. I think you maybe looking for a contract killer (try yellow pages).