Gentoo On RaverBabyΒΆ

Things are going well on RaverBaby (My 1GHz AMD machine). I installed Gentoo 1.4 a few weeks back and have been meaning to play with it a little more. Today things moved a bit furthur forward with the installation of Samba. This allows Windows and Linux to talk and share files like good operating systems should.

My main reason for doing this was to access my NTFS partions in RaverBaby from Heather (My Main Rig).

The next step I think will be to get RaverBaby up as a fully networthy and multimedia capable box, with office suite ofcourse.

By 2007 I want to be comfortable enough with Linux to be able to rid myself of Windows alltogether.

what's a 'partion?'
It's 'Partition', my spelling mistake. If you take one hard drive say 80GB to put data on, one partiton contain all 80GB. If I chop the 80GB into 20GB partitions these are seen by the computer as seperate virtual hard drives (ie under windows C:, D:, E:, F:)
Tunky Tunky Tunky, I know what a partition is, i was just being my normal pedantic self.