Finished Somerfield

Yesterday I finally finished working at Somerfield. I knew it was time to leave as I was given a sign. The sign was the spliting of my work trousers. Twas rather emabrassing. Lucky for me I wasn’t wearing my flourescent yellow briefs (If any of you actually think i own flouescent briefs you are quite, quite mad). It was otherwise an uneventful day. At least there will be no more early Saturday mornings for me from now on :).

email oh my god
Oh my god! how sad r u! is that all u do, write about ur life on the bloody internet. ur so sad mate. U wanna b out enjoying urself. can't believe i stumbled across ur boring web page. sounds like u may need a girlfriend to sort u out
email oh my god
I here 1 of ur mates paid a girl £5 to kiss u! Is it true? Have u popped ur cherry yet? If not i'll hav a wip round and get u sorted. U might then stop boring us with this S**t!
I enjoyed the page about your work in Ilkeston ... but that could be because I'm originally from Ilson.
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