Don’t Call Me At That Time

This morning I was awoken from my slumber by having a phone thrust towards my face. It was my driving instructor. This is the same person who claims to know about computers. “How do I install RAM?” he asked. This is probably one of the simplest things to do. Add to that fact that he didnt know if he had the right RAM. He offered me £10 to go round an sort it out. I declined, not because I didnt want the money. It was the fact he described the power supply was mounted over the motherboard covering it slightly. This would have meant a more complex operation than adding more ram. Add to that fact that I wasnt in the best mood having just been woken up, it was sunday and I was generally pissed off for other reasons I shall not go into here.

Nothing much at all happened today. Very few people online to talk to. Although Andy P and Lisa showed up for a while. I have been invited for a short trip away to Norfolk in August. Things seem to be looking up at last :D.

tunk babe, i no u'll enjoy norfolk coz its just a big weekend of fun and sun. Am glad things are lookin up lisa x