Do I Have A Sleeping Disorder?

I have for a while now been concerned with the ammount of sleep I require. It seems to be getting more and more. So I began to Google the problem and came across this article.

It could be that I am not SLEEPING when I’m asleep. When I think about this more there could be several things which may cause this. Firstly I am 6’2” and my bed is shorter than that. This means I can never fully stretch out when asleep which might disrupt my sleep patterns. Secondly I have my computer on 24/7. There is a constant fan noise and a bright blue light emminating from it at all times. Thirdly I might have some other sleep disruption that I am not consious of which is disrupting me.

The plan of action is to firstly deal with the computer, mainly due to the fact I can’t do anything about the bed. At the same time I want to leave the computer on, so the only thing I can think of to solve the problem is to reduce the light output from it. This can be achieved by covering the window on the side.

I shall keep you posted on how things progress.

My nights sleep was going well, until my wonderful housemate set the firealarm off at 4:20am. The flat now smells like burnt toast, not just lightly burnt. I'm pretty sure the level of carbonation was total leaving just a small pile of ash. So you can guess what the smell is like. It's continuing to drift under my door. I bet it's pissed off the neighbours. On with the sleep experiement.
Where's the latest update then Tunk?!!
I left the latest update lying around my flat. It was unfortunately eaten by my housemate. Gotta wait for nature to take its cause before i get it back.
David \
Hmm... I smell a rat! lol