Delta Nova Welcomes “The Judge”


Well… today has been yet another boring, crap day, nothing to do other than sit at the computer, pondering why things are like they are, pointless things like, Why is an orange, called an orange, and its actually the colour orange too! And why you still put up with this annoyingly shit charade of things, sat online, talking to a bunch of cunts that you really can’t stand!

But it hasn’t all been bad…

Got myself into the odd ‘interesting’ conversation with the tunkster, on various pointless subjects…

None as interesting as a conversation had with him a few days ago… we got on to the topic of sock organisation… - I was shocked to discover that Tunk colour co-ordinated his… rather than my preferred way of organising them by date of purchase (this way, you know where your oldest socks are, and see when they need replacing). However, this discussion then took an unexpected diversion, when tunk asked the question… “So, you don’t yank it?” – well, what could I say to this? I went with the ‘make humour of the situation’ – “well you know me… just like the shuttle… 7 yanks and I explode all over the place ;)” he took my 7 yanks serious, and told me I have issues with my stamina… I then proceeded to explain that whilst shaking coconuts from the veiny love tree, I picture Lisa Riley in my mind… only this doesn’t have the desired effect of making me last longer, I just climax quicker…

He then tried to help me work out whether this is because I have a fascination for Lisa Riley… or if its because my body is trying to get rid of this image…

Either way, I was scared at the interest he took in my Penis…

SOOO… I ask you lot out there… is Tunk a Mud Driller in hiding?
That would be a NO!!! (Quantum aka Tunk)
eek, yep tunk does that sometimes, when i go out he tells me to make sure i use protection if i meet someone. hehe no offense to tunk intended ;)
It's cos we want to keep Heather in good condition incase any of us desperate loosers are lucky enough to end up with her.
But tunk, your in to male orifices... and Phallus objects... Would Heather beable to satisfy yours needs??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I think somebody is wanting a good kicking
Andy p
The only way to satisfy Tunk and his wicked ways is to give him one of my special exotic dances which involve me in a pair of yellow bermuda shorts and a string vest holding a green banana (harder than yellow ones) and a picture of a half-eaten malteser, I then proceed to do a special modified dance which is a mixture between YMCA and Agga-do, one which I am very proud of. Tunk then changes into what can only be described as a 'little schoolboy' he screams and giggles in a way that you would never expect him to upon watching the amazing moves, it is a sight that I will remember for the rest of my days. Why does he like this I hear you ask? Well, Tunk never was normal.
But JUDGE thats not funny!
It may not be funny but you never know, things might improve.
Andy p
where has the Tunkmiester gone???? Nobody has seen or heard of him since last night, I think him and Peck stopped in a ditch and have been making sweet love ever since.
he came online for about 60 seconds, said he was severely depressed and went offline again
Tunk ain't no mud driller, the Butch Queer of the relationship usually drills the mud, the Girly Queer, like Tunk, is usually on the recieving end of the man love. Obviously I don't know this from personal experience, it's, er, just something I heard... :oops: