Danger!!! Danger!!!, Mains Voltage

Today I was foolish enough to put a metal object across the two metal rods which support the bulb of my desk lamp. Suddenly it stopped working, Oh bugger. After investigating the base of the lamp I found the warning lable. “Dont place metal objects across the two arms of this product else it will blow the internal fuse and render the product useless” or words to that effect. Anyway, not gining up that easily i opened up the lamps inner workings. I found the elusive fuse. It was wired in series on the low voltage side of the transformer. So i cut away the heatshrink around it to reaveal the blown component. Hmm, cant replace it. So i decided to remove it all together. It now works again but I might endup frying the transformer if i decide to do it again in future.

I can live with that, until it kills me.

Captain Mainwaring
Stupid Boy