A monday night out with Owen and Peck started off well. We got into derby and i was happy to be with friends. Heather was looking particularly nice in her little green number.

My night took off in Flares with Gill, the first person I have properly kissed. It was an experience, i lost all sence of time. It was only clouded by the fact that Owen said he paid her to kiss me. That made me feel so low. But at the same time I feel good about myself. It’s a conflict of emotions.

The biggest down of the night was comming home alone, :(. It would have been nice for a few txt msgs to be left on my phone letting me know where people were and what they were doing.

Still, I might call Gill. If she was paid for then thanks, if not then i have a little more faith in myself.
I don’t know waht to think right now. But at least i can look back on a special moment.
No Tunker she wasn't paid for Owen made that up! it was all you Hunky Tunky Sorry i couldn't use my phone i was busy
Andy P
Peck told me he got the horn so he put his phone on vibrate and wedged it up his arse, thus not ringing, then he was thrown out of Zanzibar because he was caught masturbating and promptly left due to severe embarasement because he was dragged out with his inches hanging all over the place and climaxed when he saw a fit bird and it landed all over the gay bouncer who qucikly lapped it up... So he had to leave early.... his own words, not mine.
Fair enough i suppose. What are the chances of that happening eh?
Yay for Tunk :D All that self doubt and now uve finally done it. No excuses for being down now. And Peck... gay bouncer? masterbating? lol, something to tell me? :P Arleen is already convinced ur gay...
Big Gay Bear
owen never said he paid for her. owen did pay for her!! A Hefty sum of 5 whole english pounds. that was £1 for every 4 stone she weighed!