Been Busy

Sorry for lack of a recent post, I have been working my ass off. The assignment I was doing took longer than expected. Mainly cos I am a dumbass and had to read up on most of it whilst doing it. Still its as done as its gonna get. I seem to have spent all week with it on my mind and not getting anywhere with it. Tomorrow night I’m chillin’. Nothing more till sunday. There is nothing more enjoyable when doing a horrible assignment than talking to Heather. I hope everybody has been worshiping her, in their SPECIAL way.

I placed my order for a Palm Zire 71 PDA and 128MB SD memory today. Its got a built in digital camera so expect a few picks appearing on the site once it arrives. Got a good deal on it. Commet for the PDA and ebuyer for the memory. Both for the same price as just the PDA from Dixons.

I suppose I should sleep now. A nice fried breakfast to look forward too though :), yummy.

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