Back At Last

Today saw me go back to uni after the Christmas break. The day started out reasonably well until i got into Nottingham. The bus diverted from its usual route (bloody tram works). Not to worry though I would get dropped off closer to where I wanted to go. The problem was that the windows on the bus were steamed up. So following a shapely young lady (looked the obvious student type) I exited the bus. Just my luck that this particular student wasn’t getting off at the same place I had planned to. Never mind it was only short walk down hill. After meeting up with Mr. T Stait, who was engaging the poor chap from stores in his usual mindless banter, I had a MEGA Breakfast (only £2.35). It wasn’t as good a breakfast as I’m used to as they had stopped the free cup of coffee promo.

Checking my email I began the digestion of my breakfast. I had an email from the Thursday before i broke up. It stated I was to return a small piece of cable BEFORE the Xmas hols. Oh Darn!!! (substitute other expletive as appropriate). Well I would get round to returning that later.

Three hours of lectures later, which were interrupted by my phone ringing (I should have put it on silent,:oops:), I decided to go for lunch. In case you were wondering it was Lisa on the Phone. The gang (myself, Mr Stait, Mr Jagger & Mr Gascoigne (sorry if i spelt it wrong)) ventured to Burger King. Promotion offer on Rodeo Burger Meals, very nice.

Well usually I would have made my way back to uni, but today was to be very busy. I wandered passed the bank on my way to the bus station to collect a new bus pass. Nothing troubling about that, but since my phone credit was running low i had taken a little extra out my account to get a top-up card.

I tried 4 phone shops on my way back to try and get a top up card. Not one had what I wanted. I was displeased (and sweating like a pig) at this point (I had to rush about due to lack of time).

Returning to uni revealed a 3hr lab session with Mr. M Saywell. He maybe a nice chap but after three hours of his rambling whilst sitting on a horrible small chair I was ready to go home. But not before trying to return that bit of cable first. So I went to the door marked comms and knocked before opening, 30 faces greeted me, wrong bloody room :oops:. Next door down i returned the cable and appologised for its lateness.

I caught the 5pm bus, a high point of the day :mrgreen:.

All that remains to do now is pack my bag for tomorrow and go and get off my face in Derby. 😀️

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