Another Day OverΒΆ

Another productive day at work over. After careful planning (as if) I was able to ensure the minimisation of the caged stock chaos. Whilst still requiring more work twas a definate improvement.

However the ever useless Yimi struck again. How many times does he need telling where things are? If the store had a good reason to sack him I think they would. Looks like we are stuck with him πŸ™„οΈ

I have heard rumours of unrest amongst the till staff over policy changes and the introduction of new thinking.
1) They are meant to stay at their assigned till
2) It would be preferred if the till staff didnt talk to each other so much. – If there are no customers and these people are sat there doing nothing, why not let them chat?
3) Till staff cannot help customers pack as they may indulge in talking – Has a friendly working atmosphere gone out of the window? You cant expect a customer with a huge ammount of shopping to pack it as speedily as those with few itmes. Why not help them pack? The customer benefits from the help and it allows the following customer to be served quicker. Conversations may take place but overall the purchace proceedure is quicker.
4) Till staff when on shop floor shall not work with a member of floor staff or fellow till person. – Till staff spending most of their time on the till dont know the full goings on of the shop floor. Helping a member of floor staff allows them to have guidence on the task in hand allowing more successful usage of their available time. Some conversation may take place but this is at a boost to morale. Unhappy staff are less inclined to work. Till persons working together can accomplish a task quicker than undertaking a solo task. This means the task will be completed rather than be left hanging on until they have the oportunity to finish it. Pairing them up means that if either gets called back to the till the other can carry on.

There are probably more misguided rules and regulations on the way, it is a new year afterall.

Rating of today 7/10
Could have been better but it could have been much much worse.