An Increase In Hits

I have noticed in the past few days that the it count for the site has seen a rapid increase in its total. Now why might this be? Are you the general pubic after some juicy gossip or are you just amazed at my site? I don’t know how much sense this is going to make but I have just returned home after consumption of alcoholic beverages in the derby area. Andy P is so lucky to have Lisa. She is soooooo nice and the first female to refer to me as cute 😀️. However Carrie (she used to work at somerfield ilkeston) tried to split Andy from his new found love. I was having none of it. Andy and Lisa have something special and I was not going to let Carrie upset the equilibrium. So Carrie I’m sorry if I offended you but I was doing it for my friend. If that’s wrong then let me know. Its been a great night overall and i finished it with a chicken tika kebab, yummy 😀️ .

Lisa and Micheala
hello cutie!!! HEEHEE!! Thanx for the litle comment on me and andy that is so nice of you to write that about us.As for Carrie am sorry but i wasn't really impressed at the end of the night with her.Hope you enjoyed you chicken tikka kebab coz i did. Hi, it's Micheala, sorry i never really spoke to you last night! I hope you had a nice night! See you soon Micheala xx and Lisa xx
Well yes i did enjoy my kebab, you cant beat chilli sauce. I'm sure I'll be making future appearences where I can get to talk to Micheala. I really enjoyed the night out, but i'm still kicking myself for buying Carrie a double Baileys(£4). Ah well its only money, i can replace that. Its good to see you visited my website :) Hope you will visit again in the future.
lee owen
Hi, It's Lee. I still have my head screwed on wrong, meaning, my head is still on a tilt to the side. Just thought I'd let you know Lee Owen