About Saturday

I was supposed to be working a 16hr shift at Somerfield. It was going as planned till about 5pm, 11hrs in. This is when the manager had a panic attack about legality of me working and how he didnt want to kill me.

Then at 8pm as i was about to finish after 14hrs he changed his mind. He wanted me to stay. FUCK THAT, I had altered my breaks for a 14hr shift and already arranged for a lift home and my dinner to be prepared. I am not going to be messed about. If he haddn’t told me to finish after 14hrs i would have done the full 16 as planned.

I hate that place at times. If I don’t get a placement I’m thinking of leaving to go and do better things that interest me more. Such as work in Dixons selling electrical goods to unsuspecting consumers.