A Meal Out

I was snatched from Somerfield by my parents tonight. “We are going out for a meal” I was told. Here was the first problem. I am still in my work gear. But they thought of that, they brought me a t-shirt. I looked a right prat walking into the Observatory in trousers, shoes and a t-shirt that didnt quite go. So we sit at a table next to one containing a bunch of girls. Then my parents start getting offended by the language they were using. What the fuck do they expect. It’s a local establishment not a highclass place. I don’t give a shit if people are using foul language, its the way people are. I have an open mind. There is nothing worse than trying to talk to the family. It was a stressful experience for all and nobody enjoyed it. The words “well we will never do this again” were uttered at some point and I had a go at my sis for being shallow. She was telling us all about how popular she is and how she can pick and choose who she wants to be friends with. That pissed me off.

I’m glad i’m home now. On my own in isolation. 😀️

A bit of jealousy??
Possibly on the friends thing but I was not happy at not being able to get changed after work