A Helper

Today at work I was stunned that for once I had a person to help me. You may think this is nothing to get excited about but you would be wrong. Very few people actually like working with me. This is mainly due to the fact they end up doing some work. Today however I had the lovely Heather working with me :). Whilst she may not be the strongest of workers she did her bit to help and did it well. It’s surprising what one person smiling at you can do to boost your feelings for a day.

Mike was around, not sure quite what he was doing. He seemed to have a digital temperature probe which he kept pointing at members of staff. Have the new Health and Safety rules dictated a maximum staff operating temperature??

Rumour has it that Mike might be paying a visit to this site. Oh Dear me thinks. Ah well, I will not silence my opinions because of that. So I have decided to leave the site in its full and uncensored glory.

If anybody is offended or disgusted by the content on this site then you don’t have to visit again.
Tunk has lots of friends, Just not me.
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