Somerfield Refit

The refit of Somerfield Ilkeson has begun. I turned up today to find the produce department missing and a big hole in the roof. Still it will all be sorted in a week or two. But its Saturday i’m not looking forward to. Rumour has it that on our busiest day of the week they plan on removing two freezer and two chiller cabinets. Quite how they plan on doing this whilst maintaining customer satisfaction is beyond me, but hey, it aint my fault.

To make things worse they are condensing down stock facings on the shelves :( This means that when i try and put out an entire case of stock it will no longer fit on the shelf and what’s left will have to go in the warehouse. Now this doesn’t sound too bad but believe me it is. The warehouse is a small place and is full at the best of times, it is my job on a usual saturday to fill up the shelves with what’s in the warehouse. Currently the leftover stock is at manageable levels but with all the extra stuff that’s gonna be coming in its gonna be a nightmare.

Still it will make things a little more interesting.