It’s Me Again

Yes I know I haven’t been posting as regularly as I like to. The thing is that recently I have been very busy and have not had the time or the energy to blog. I had one good week of blogging a few weeks ago and I’m gonna try and make sure there are a few more like it.

As far as the site goes at the moment things are stirring inmy mind over what to do next. I think you will aggree that the last template mod i tried was a tad unsuccessful. Well things are gonna change again.

The plan this time is to keep the current layout as a basic theme. I plan to put in a title page allowing either access to this theme or to the other design layout I’m planning. Effectively two sites in one, you lucky people you. Along with the same stuff as is displayed at present more pages offering other delights will emerge from the depths of my creativenesnes.

So keep your eyes peeled for changes.

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