Busy Few DaysΒΆ

Well my new CD-RW has arrived along with my 120GB HDD. They have been installed and hardware swapped between my machines. I will need to update my system specs on this page.

The reinstallation of Win2k SP3 is going well and on the plus side I have finally got Win2k ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) working, yay :)

I have spoken with Will Jagger (a northerner) and we will perhaps be going on a drinking experdition to Nottingham.

I need to go and see Signs at the cinema at some point and tidy my room. Got to go to work in a few hours. The gimps have left me facing up to do for an hour when i get there, typical. The shop is supposed to open in a week and it still looked a dump on thursday. They put me on the dairy for 6 hrs that day :(

I need sleep