Back to Uni

Well I enrolled today and all was going well until i tried to collect my loan cheque. After waiting in line for a considerable time I had the misfortune to discover I had not bought the single sheet of paper that actually mattered. Looks like i may have to get it tomorrow. After a long look and panic looking for this piece of paper i discovered it to be in the most obvious place ie (in front of where i was looking not hidden by anything at all).

I had the pleasure of visiting the residence of Mr. Jagger and friends. A nice little hovel, if to call it such, with a large quantity of other peoples cars taking up the desegnated spaces. The rooms were a little too small for my liking but I aint got to live there.

It looks like its back to the usual routing from tomorrow though, I can’t wait (<– Sarcasm to be detected here)

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