May Update

Matthew Tunstall

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It has been a while since I last posted anything on here. Without quite knowing where to start I think it’s best to review my aims for 2023 given that it’s almost halfway though the year.


  • Read More Books - It’s not going well at this point. I’ve made it to the halfway point of “The Three Body Problem”. I’m enjoying it but I’ve just not been picking it up on a regular enough basis.
  • Losing Weight - I’ve stayed off the scales, so we will just assume I’m lighter than I was.
  • Eating a more balanced diet - This has happened more recently as there has been a better selection of salad items in the supermarket. Cooler weather during the beginning of the year make more calorific dinners & treats preferable. The cost of food has also risen a lot. I am buying fewer crisps at the moment as they are very expensive for what they are.


  • Build a new PC - Progress continues but is slow going. To my collection of storage drives, I have added a case (which I lightly modified with a dremel), fans and in the past month a power supply.Prices have been one thing holding me back on purchasing. I’ve never known parts costs be disproportionately high. These prices have dipped slightly but concerns over Bios settings buring AMD CPU’s and Motherboards have held me back. The mitigations which are only gradually rolling out might have an impact on achieveable RAM speeds. Waiting another month or so for things to settle furthur shouldn’t be a great hardship. My current PC for the time being is working well enough after resolving the lockup issue that plagued 2022.
  • Learn Vim - I’m making some progress on this front. Whilst I’m only making slight progress I am typing this post in Vim. Basic editing is comming along well although I want to get to the stage where I can better use splitscreen and multiple buffers to switch between serveral files.
  • RaspberryPi Pico Project - I’ve looked at the board and the book I have gathering dust.
  • Write a new program - With the help of ChatGPT I created a Python script to parse my blog posts and extract the categories and tags I use in the frontmatter. The aim is to eventually use this to update the page archetypes.


  • Reduce the ammount of unpaid overtime performed - It turns out that I have a lot to do. I’m claiming for more of my time worked but I’m also still working quite a bit unpaid. More changes to the workforce that I had anticipated has had an impact on how I have been able to manage the team. There are more changes over the next few months but I’d hope after that point I might get a year without too much change.
  • Use all of my annual leave entitlement - Some things are just not going to happen and its not worth trying. That said I might try to take a couple of weeks off at some point.


Having not posted for a while it has felt nice to write this. The tools I use to create the site are still working, not always something that has been the case in the past. I’ve even seemed to remember some of the Markdown syntax, which has been helpful. This all bodes well for writing about future things, hopefully the building of a new PC.

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