Aims For 2023

Matthew Tunstall

| 1 minute


  • Read More Books - I have a pile of books to get through. Just started reading “The Three Body Problem” by Cixin Liu.
  • Lose Weight - Will be easier once the Christmas chocolate is gone.
  • Eat a more balanced diet - More salad and vegetables with meals.


  • Build a new PC - I already have my storage drives purchased. Just need to decide on the other bits.
  • Learn Vim - This will be an ongoing project. I just need to get to the stage where I am using it as my everyday text editor.
  • Raspberry Pi Pico Project - I have seen people using the Pico to create a little macropad/keyboard. I might have a go at building one myself.
  • Write a new program in C++/Go/Python - It’s been too long since I last created anything.


  • Reduce the amount of unpaid overtime performed - Hopefully this will be easier as I’m getting more organised in my role.
  • Use all of my annual leave entitlement - Should be easier this year with changes at work settling down.

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