2022 Review

Matthew Tunstall

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2022 was a busy year for me. We are already well into 2023 and only now do I have time to reflect on what has happened.


  • January/February/March 2022 - I was enrolled on a work related course and was busy with assignments in the evenings. I passed the course but it’s been a long time since I’ve written such a long assignment.

  • June 2022 - I was successful in gaining a promotion at work. This has kept me very busy ever since and I’ve frequently been putting in an extra hour or two at work each day. I’ve not been in the mood to engage with my projects on returning home in the evenings.

  • September/October/November 2022 - I had been dating and was in a relationship. Which was nice whilst it lasted but we ended up parting on friendly terms.

  • December 2022 - Work continues to keep me busy but things are settling into place a little more.


Most of my projects stalled in 2022.

  • Learning Vim - I had been attempting to learn to use the Vim text editor. I had started out following a book and had been making a little progress. The aim is to learn it well enough to configure it to be a nice development environment. I am at the stage where I can grasp the basics of editing some code, but there is so much left to discover.

  • Raspberry Pi Pico - I’ve had this board since it launched. I haven’t sat down yet and had a good play around with it.

  • Website Update - I did a little work on the site throughout the year but it has been slow going. I’m still happy I moved away from WordPress as there seems to be an ever growing number of hacks aimed at WordPress sites and plugins.

Other Things

  • PC Randomly Freezing - This particular problem has been giving me issues for most of the year. This was on a machine that had been fully stable for years before and no hardware changes had been introduced. I suspected faulty memory to be the cause but nothing showed up when tested. The unpredictability of the issue made troubleshooting it a nightmare. There were times when I wouldn’t have any lockups for a week and I’d assume everything was ok. Other times I would get 2-3 lockups in a single evening. This was a real pain at the beginning of the year whilst trying to complete my assignment. I ended up using Google Docs so as to no lose my work.

    I feel that I have now resolved the fault, potentially caused by a couple of issues. An AMD patch to the Linux kernel switching from a HALT instruction to MWAIT instruction and how the bios was configured for controlling the power supply. The bios issue might have arisen following a series of bios updates I applied in an attempt to fix the lockup issue. The issues seem to apply to first generation AMD Ryzen hardware which I have ( Ryzen 7 1800X + X370 Motherboard). To fix this issue I changed the following two settings in the bios.

    Global C-State Control - Disabled

    Power Supply Idle Control - Typical Current Idle

  • Home Phone Upgraded to Digital Voice - It was time to renew my broadband contract and part of the offering was to move from the old analogue phone setup over to Digital Voice (IP Based). The big difference is that rather than the phone line providing power to the phone in my home it now just provides the data link. If I have a power cut now, I lose a landline connection. With the prevalence of mobile phones these days, this isn’t as much of a issue as it was in the past. I don’t use the landline much anyway. When I next move house I can’t see myself having a landline number.

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