Theme Development

Matthew Tunstall

| 1 minute

I am tying my best to get the site theme into a state where I will be happy to make it live.

It doesn’t need to be perfect but I want to finalise my structure a bit more first. The blog side of things seems to be ok. I want to work on the archive side and viewing old posts a little bit more. It’s functional enough for now.

I want to get the longer form Article/Reseach layouts sorted next. There is some content for setting up a Virtual Machine for a Linux From Scratch (LFS) build that I’m working on. This could be just what I need to help with my layout decisons.

Once that is done I can consider porting across old content from my Sphinx site. This might require that I have a few more Hugo shortcodes setup first.

I will say that I am glad I moved over from Sphinx to Hugo. The development of the theme has been easier than I expected, it’s just taken a little more research time than I had anticipated.

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