Everything Is Breaking

Matthew Tunstall

| 1 minute

The title says it all really. Everything is breaking this week. I’ve spent a good few days trying to solve my lack of hot water, the immersion heater wasn’t doing its job. It’s not easy to work out if you have fixed it when it you are waiting for the Economy7 electricity in the middle of the night. In the end it was a faulty bit of flex that needed to be replaced, not the fuse or resetting of the thermal trip.

Next to break was a 24" Dell monitor. I had recently replaced 2 HD monitors with 27" UHD monitors on my main PC. The plan was to use the 24" monitors on an old PC. During the process of connecting the power lead and attempting a switch on I hear a loud bang. Inspection of the insides of the monitor reveal a crusty looking input capacitor and resistor with a hole in the side. I could attempt to fix it but it’s probably not worth it given its age.

I don’t think the fly helped.

Hopefully that’s it for now but things tend to break in 3’s.

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