October Update

Matthew Tunstall

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This is my first blog post in some time so I’ll provide an update on a few things.

Why so long since the last update?

I’ve been having a very busy time at work (healthcare) due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and additional responsibilities. I’ve lacked the enthusiasm to sit at the computer and work on things. Instead Netflix and Amazon Prime have taken over. Hopefully with the winter months approaching I will be at the computer a little more. It's the warmest part of the house.

Project Status


Not much has changed. I keep getting updates from Google’s Site Check informing me about accessibility flaws in the site. A few of them can be solved by adjusting the theme CSS. There are a few bits of the theme with regards to the nesting of font sizes that I need to tackle. Currently the text is smaller than is ideal in a few places.

Back in June I moved the sites hosting from 34SP.com to Mythic Beasts. I’ve not had any issues with Mythic Beasts and the cost saving has been worth it.


I’ve had a go at learning GO (language not the game) this year. It’s taken a bit of time to get my head around it as it is structured differently to other languages I’ve used in the past. I created a little utility for showing a Git history graphs when I’m working on repos between machines. It’s still a work in progress but I’ve learnt a lot from it.


I was also going to try and look into Rust since it is likely to be a better fit for embedded programming than GO. Currently the book I bought is gathering dust and might do for a little while longer yet.

Rasberry Pi Pico

I bought a few of these boards to have a play around with. Like most of my other projects this year I’ve not touched them.


One of the things I need to do is have a go at continuing the rewrite of my Christmas Lights code in time for Christmas (more likely to be for Christmas 2023 at this point).

What’s Next?

At this stage I’m not sure. I’ll just keep plodding along for the time being. I’m lucky enough to still have an energy supplier for this winter and in a stable financial position to ride out whatever inflationary increases are on the horizon. Who knows what this winter will bring in terms of Flu outbreaks, Covid resurgence etc. I’ll try to come up with a plan for a few things in another update.

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