A Few Fixes

Matthew Tunstall

| 2 minutes


Some of the headings were a little oversized for the body text. Hopefully these are now a better size. I’ve also changed the font-weight back to bold to make them stand out.

Sphinx Build

I was getting frustrated at the time it was taking Sphinx to build the site. I had been looking around for solutions/alternatives. It was only after digging into the build options and looking back over my Makefile that I found my bottleneck. I was using the “-E” flag to rebuild the entire site rather than just the changed files. The flag had been useful for theme development as it would always pull in the CSS changes but with a larger amount of site content to process this was taking longer and longer each time. My solution was to add another build target to the Makefile to do the full rebuild and remove the flag from my standard html builds. This gives me the option to select the type of build depending on if I’m working on content or tweaking the theme.

I have noticed that I still need to run a full rebuild when adding content that is parsed by ablog as it needs to generate the links to the other blog content. Incremental builds are possible whilst editing the blog content but a full build will be required to ensure any links are updated.

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