Wide Awake

I have discovered the perfect recipie for a wake up drink. 4 spoons of coffee, 2 spoons of sugar and enough hot water to make it drinkable.

For the ultimate caffeine hit use less water and drink it as thick as you like as long as it doesn't stick to the mug.


I think I should get some sleep now. I have been up for hours ad my eyelids are falling shut. Off to see Men In Black 2 later today if all goes to plan. I will post a short review when I get the chance.

Sleep Time Now....zzzzzz

Morning All

After a heavy night of codeing and recoding I have finally managed to get the sidebars into a state where I can start thinking about other site content. The Poll system I plan on using I have used before, I just need the latest version to install and set up. I have been wondering about the best way to put content on the site and what it should be. For now however I am concentrating on the graphical look of the site.

Development Continues

I have started work on the look of the site. I am starting with the structure of the side columns. From here I plan to add content to these and begin work on the colour scheme co grey is getting on my nerves. 🙂

Template Development

Well I am getting the hang of modding this template now. I have a page established at last. There is still so much to do but at least I now have a canvas on which to work my magic. 🙂

Testing again

Well i am just playing about with template design at this stage. I am trying to find a text effect converter i saw.