I setup DeltaNova.co.uk in July 2002. I wanted a blog with a name my friends could remember and didn't require too much typing. Since then its been though more redesigns than I care to remember. Changes in blogging tools and web standards motivated the changes. DeltaNova today is still not finished design wise. Every so often I get a bit of inspiration to add a bit more or fix something I left unfinished.

The site has had its busy times with friends often posting comments, recently however things have been a little quiet. I've not been posting much up as I was busy with University and never really got back into the flow. Things will hopefully change for the better. WordPress with its now more stable template system is unlikely to change as frequently giving me more time to get a well designed siteup before another major redesign.

The sites content has been moving away from general blogging to become more of a reminder and store of information for myself. The linux guides I create for myself I put online to hopefully help others with the same problem. These will increase as I write more of them.